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Bougie Kelpie



Akin to folklore water nymphs who have the ability to take on the form of others, the glass receptacles of our Kelpie Bowls have been handcrafted and carefully manipulated to take on the form of their teak wood bases. It starts off with recycled glass being melted down at 2000*celsius. The molten glass is then mouth blown into moulds to give it its uniform globular shape and then fitted onto their bases which are roots of teak trees. The Bougie Kelpie is made primarily for candles and hence will not hold water. 


Approximate Dimensions : 15cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 17cm(H)


*As our Kelpie Bowls are handmade and not mass produced in factory settings, please consider allowances to minor details such as air bubbles and ash trapped in the glass and rims that are not totally flawless. They have all been crafted to the best ability of our artisans and in fact adds a certain charm that signifies its handcrafted origin. 



**Upon receipt of purchase, we shall contact and furnish you with pictures of 3 variations to choose from, prior to delivery. As each and every piece is individually unique, this will allow you the option of preference in comparison to simply sending you a piece that you may not like. This is how we ensure customer satisfaction at Nid D'oiseaux. 

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