Custom Lampshade Services

We cater to the fabrication of brand new lampshades and the refurbishment of your existing ones for all commercial and residential requests.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we may assist in materialising your next luminary project.

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Fusion Mineral Paint

Professional furniture paint with exceptional ease of application, high coverage, and a built-in top coat in over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from. Add colour, reinvent and enjoy your time to create.

For busy DIYers, Fusion Mineral is the only choice for exceptional colour, coverage and durability.

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Naturalis Historia Furniture

Emboldened by souvenirs of the past, wanderlust and our formidable admiration for nature, every Naturalis Historia piece is designed by us to personify earthy charm with the elegance of modern functionality.

Fully handcrafted by our artisans, we work primarily with reclaimed teak that has served prior purposes for decades and have resisted the test of time.

Unostentatious and reliable pieces to be a part of your lives; something your next generation can be proud of too.

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