About us

Naturalis Historia was born from our intense fascination with nature, its resources and how they have been combined with craftsmanship throughout the centuries, leaving behind, what we all have come to know and love as antiques and the charm of the Old World. 

Drawing inspiration from this inexhaustible library of resources, we design and create timeless pieces, marrying them with modern functions and considerations to fit our 21st century lifestyles while retaining classic features.

Every Naturalis Historia piece if fully handcrafted by our artisans, utilising only materials from sustainable and ethical sources. We try as best to plan our designs around zero waste while reusing shipping materials in our delivery chain, as an effort to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can.

Our ideals are simple, going back to the basics of producing furniture as they should be; beautiful, solid and reliable for generations.


  • Customisation : We cater to all custom orders and dimension requests to all designs in the Naturalis Historia collection. 
  • Personalisation : To retain the natural charm and characteristics of reclaimed teak, all our pieces are finished as to our 'maison' standards. We however, can cater to finishing request such as colour washing, staining and OSMO finish.
  • After Service Maintenance & Care : Need a yearly or biennial sanding down, minor modification or sprucing up of your Naturalis Historia piece with a stain or wash? You may always contact us and we shall see to it for you.