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Our online store remains open for business while our Hillview outlet remains closed till the 1st of June 2020. Due to the current Covid-19 circuit breaker measures, all orders shall be consolidated and deliveries, fulfilled from the 4th of June 2020. Thank you very much for your support and understanding. Please take care, be safe and we look forward to seeing you in brighter days. Together, we shall overcome this #sgunited


Apart from the design and manufacture of our furniture collection, Naturalis Historia offers a comprehensive array of services to cater to the demands and requirements of both trade and public clients.

Furniture : Bespoke Finishing
We offer technical application of professional level paints, stains and pigmented waxes to achieve bespoke finishing, making your piece truly one of its kind. This service applies only to Naturalis Historia pieces, both new and old. Click here to learn more.

Furniture : Custom-Made
We are able to fulfil all requests for custom-made furniture in accordance to your requirements. Please contact us here to learn more.

Furniture : Rental (Home Staging and Events) 

Should you require a stunning or specific pieces to cohere your space for an upcoming event, we offer rental of our furniture at reasonable prices which includes delivery and pick up to your location. Please contact us here to learn more. 

Furniture : Refurbishment and Grain Revival
If you notice your solid wood piece looking dull and tired, we offer on-site refurbishment and refinishing services as explained below. Please contact us here to learn more.

  • Refurbishment:
  • Applicable to varnished, painted, chipped and dented Naturalis Historia pieces only
  • Complete and thorough sand down 
  • Plugging and fibre reconstruction of damaged wood surface
  • Application of your choice of stain, paint and pigmented wax in accordance to your request
  • Application of professional protective coat based on usage (indoor or outdoor)
  • Pick up and send back service


  • Grain Revival:
  • Applicable to varnished, painted or heavily stained solid wood tables
  • Complete and thorough sand down
  • Application of professional OSMO protective coat based on usage (indoor or outdoor)
  • On-site service (dustless sanding system)
  • Fees begin from $250


Lampshades : Custom-Made & Refurbishment
We are specialist makers of laminated lampshades and are able to fulfil requests for all sizes, shapes and fabric style. Please click here to learn more. We also offer the service to refurbish existing lampshades in the event where the preservation of the top ring is necessary for specific lamp fixture systems. We however do not refurbish 'sewn' lampshades but can offer alternatives based on pictures of your lamp. Please contact us as follow with pictures of your lampshades so that we may advise you accordingly;
WhatsApp : +65 9474 6217