Bespoke Finishing

teak coffee table small


Reclaimed teak is an extremely beautiful material solely on its own. Possessing broad spectrums of honey golden hues due to patina the wood has taken due to decades of exposure and deep meandering grains only found in lumber from old growth trees, the characteristics and charm that reclaimed teak possesses is simply irreplicable.

However, with fleeting trends coming and passing, keeping current with home styling can amount to a tiresome and expensive journey.

reclaimed teak vanity dressing table

Classically designed to resist trends and always keep timeless, all Naturalis Historia pieces can now be cosmetically enhanced to seamlessly fit into your trending decor theme of the moment.

With our bespoke finishing service, you are able to select your choice of wood stain or paint colour that best suits your home. With our expertise, we are able to achieve a variety of textured finishes, ranging between perfect satin smooth coverage to an antiquated time worn finish.

antique finish

We work with a wide variety of professional furniture colours, pigmented waxes and coatings to achieve profound visual impact and durability.

With our bespoke finishing service, you are able to continually refresh your Naturalis Historia pieces over the years. Being solid wood constructions, all your custom finished piece needs is a good sand down; leaving you with a brand new canvas to get creative all over again.

Visit us at our studio in Hillview or contact us to learn more on how we can help create the perfect piece for you.   

painted teak lamp stand