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Les Racines Lamp Stand



Organic in form, our line of beautifully handcrafted lampstands under our house label Naturalis Historia started off as roots of teak trees. From a curated selection of distictive wood blocks in our collection, each piece was carefully adapted and manipulated to preserve its natural charm which also translates to individual exclusivity as no two pieces are alike. Each lamp base has been masterfully fitted with a wiring post and holder that has been fully handcasted in brass and includes our carrier system which allows you full autonomy on your choice of lampshade. Only one piece of each size available.

Featured Lampshades :
Blue Chou Empire - 25 x 50 x 26cm / $91
Brazilian Rosewood Cylinder - 40 x 40 x 25cm / $88
Crane Soiree - 25cm x 40cm x 25cm / $59
Dimensions (base to post):
Boyard : 35cm x 45cm x 70cm
Poitier : 60cm x 65cm x 90cm
Falaise : 40cm x 60cm x 110cm
Notes :
Teak Wood
Height adjustable brass wiring post and holder
E27 bulb screw socket / 2m cable / Fitted in-line switch / 2 pin euro plug 
Lampshade carrier included
Lampshades sold separately