Custom-Made Teak Furniture

As of 26th May 2021, we shall officially cease to accept custom orders on a Business to Consumer basis. Our operations for commercial projects and trade manufacture remains operational. Please contact us directly for more information.   

At Naturalis Historia, we are constantly adding to our catalogue, widening our range to offer you more choices, with a hint of our signature touch; inspired by the charm of the old world and natural history.

We also understand your needs for specific dimensions and style to fit you current living space and ambience. With that in mind, we are able to cater to your custom needs, completely constructed in teak and inspired purely, by your imagination.    

With our full facility factory in Central Java, we are able to fulfil all your requirements; up to the fabrication of custom brass fittings and installation of EU standard hardware. We have the capacity, ranging from the production of single pieces for residential clients and have been producing OEM for trade clients, exporting mainly to Europe the past 5 years. 

To discuss how we may assist you realise your ideal piece of furnishing, drop by our studio at Hillview with a rough sketch or pictures of your intended design. We also offer design render for you in 3D should you be unable to sketch or find images similar to what you have in mind. 

We look forward to receiving you, taking you to the opposite spectrum of laminates, veneer and plywood; our charming world of reclaimed teak.

Custom : Horizontal Blandine Cabinet with white washed finish
custom made cabinet white wash
Custom : Kitchen Bookcase
custom made bookcase reclaimed teak
Custom : Stainless Steel rack with reclaimed teak shelves
custom made stainless steel rack with teak shelves
Custom : Storeroom Door
custom made reclaimed teak door
Custom : Media Console with Rattan Doors
custom made rattan media console