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Our online store remains open for business while our Hillview outlet remains closed till the 1st of June 2020. Due to the current Covid-19 circuit breaker measures, all orders shall be consolidated and deliveries, fulfilled from the 4th of June 2020. Thank you very much for your support and understanding. Please take care, be safe and we look forward to seeing you in brighter days. Together, we shall overcome this #sgunited




These gorgeous pups, with their longing gazes, are absolutely captivating and animated. Made out of hand carved wood and hand casted resin, these dogs are not only functional, but make great accent pieces as well. Slightly distressed for a touch of vintage charm, each hand painted dog is meticulously detailed and bears almost life-like features. Use them for storing small valuables or daily items of importance such as keys elegantly hidden.

Dimensions : 
Schnauzer - 32cm x 13cm x 24cm / 10cm x 5.5cm x 5cm
Jack Russell - 32cm x 12cm x 26cm / 10cm x 5.5cm x 5cm
French Bulldog - 27cm x 13cm x 24cm / 13cm x 7cm x 4cm
Dachshund - 32cm x 11cm x 21cm / 12cm x 5.5cm x 5cm