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  • Refurbishment and Grain Revival

    Oct 12 2019

    Furniture : Refurbishment and Grain Revival If you notice your solid wood piece looking dull and tired, we offer on-site refurbishment a...

  • Bespoke Furniture Finishing

    Oct 12 2019

    Reclaimed teak is an extremely beautiful material solely on its own. Possessing broad spectrums of honey golden hues due to patina the ...

  • Custom-made furniture service

    Jul 17 2019

    At Naturalis Historia, we are constantly adding to our catalogue, widening our range to offer you more choices, with a hint of our sign...

  • Normandie - Furniture with sensuality

    Jul 16 2019

    With slender tapered legs sensualised by the golden honey hues of reclaimed teak, Normandie is a definite compliment to any style of ho...

  • Reclaimed Teak Furniture - Benefits and Characteristics

    Apr 15 2019

    What is reclaimed teak? The story of reclaimed teak begins a century, possibly two ago from humble beginnings, a tall deciduous hardwoo...